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Bernard: Thx :)

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Wednesday, 06 May 2015

Anon.: Jack Bruce

R. I. P. Jack Bruce of Cream.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

25.Teltower Stadtfest: Konzert

Electric Light Orchestra - Classics By Phil Bates 3. Oktober 2014 – Teltower Stadtfest/ Rheinstraße  (3.-5. Oktober) 

Die britische Kultformation Electric Light Orchestra setzte in den 70er- und 80er Jahren Maßstäbe mit einem bis dahin selten gewagten Soundexperiment, welches zeitgemäßen Rock mit Streicher -Arrangements klassischer Töne zu einem außergewöhnlichen Soundgebilde verband.

Nun verzaubern sie auch die Brandenburger Fans zum 25. Teltower Stadtfest welches am 3.Oktober 2014 beginnt.

Das Programm zum Tag der Deutschen Einheit:

Johnny Vinyl & The King Size 5 (feat. Michael Stark)

Night Fever - The Very Best Of The BEE GEES

Electric Light Orchester - Classics By Phil Bates

Friday, 15 August 2014

Rickie: A Detailed Examination Of Astute Programs In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Defaulted Student Loans

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Monday, 05 May 2014

Jim Birmingham: Good Wishes

Hi Phil, Debbie my fiance'and I have been to a few BBBV gigs, always enjoyed em, I ordered and paid for a copy of your restrospective album and was in touch via Tina Mcbain, I know she had some personal probs so we didn't persue it but it is a while now and I am writing to ask if it is possible to get a copy please.
All good wishes,
Jim Birmingham

Thursday, 27 February 2014


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